CORE IT Solutions has a GSA contract and specializes in providing Federals, State and Local governments as well as Military and Federal Contractors the best technology solutions. CORE IT understands the complexity of some of the governments infrastructures and strives to help contracting officers fulfillment processes.

SIN 132-8, 132-9

  • Desktops, workstations, thin clients, servers and upgrades
  • Storage: NAS, Arrays, JBOD, Solid State and upgrades
  • Networking: routers, switches, telephony, wireless and upgrades
  • Peripherals: KVM, UPS, printers, POS, terminals…
  • New, Renew, refurbished, obsolete and end of life options
  • Manufactured sponsored support and renewals (HP CarePack, Cisco SmartNet….)

SIN 132-12

  • Depot repair
  • On-site call to repair
  • On-site support contracting: 8 x 5, 24 x 7
  • System Monitoring
  • Call Desk deployment and contracting
  • Social Media & web design
  • Staffing
  • Off site back-up solutions
  • Services for today’s latest technologies or obsolete products

Our products can also be found on GSA Advantage and DOD Mall. We also specialize in assisting Local, County, and State governments.